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lls show Rousseff's popularity among voters is waning, though she is still ahead of her rivals in the presidential race. Her popularity has been hit by large-scale anti-government

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use of government resources to promote Correa's reelection. To avoid affecting his duties, the president has applied for a 30-day leave to run his campaign. Another candidate, th

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ton in 2001. Boston saw more than 200 wounded, and an 8-year-old boy and a student from China were counted among the three killed in the blasts. Full story ?The Boston bombing susp

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s to basic services such as running water and adequate medical attention. SANTO DOMINGO, May 17 (Xinhua) -- The United Nations Security Council on Tuesday urged Haiti's new Presid

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stressed that her criteria is that the candidates must have the technical training and commitment necessary to carry out her government program. Analysts also predicted that Bache

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st 12 people were killed and 18 others injured when a bus overturned and fell off a mountainous highway in eastern Haiti, Haitian authorities confirmed Wednesday. The accident too

在线观看资源小酱鸟 -圣女雪傲之作者

conference that the girl named Hannah Yinneth Fernandez was one year and one month old. Hannah Yinneth died Sunday night due to kidney failure and other complications. The twins,